Friday, September 23, 2016

General Hospital 9-23-16 Full episode

General Hospital 9-23-16 Full episode

General Hospital 9-23-16 Full episode gh-6


  1. Gratitude Bob!
    Local stations distorted inaudible low muffled poor audio sound quality on local stations with all providers is all too common.
    Fixes in order:
    #1 Use HDMI cable which does not require separate audio connection from cable box to TV.
    2. Tighten all cable connections.
    3. Replace remote batteries with fresh ones;
    4. Select stereo instead of surround sound.
    5. Set converter to adjust volume manually, not automatically.
    6. Adjust volume in order:
    Lower tv volume from tv, not remote;
    Raise digital cable box volume from digital cable box, not remote;
    Slowly raise TV volume from TV, not remote.
    7. Reboot digital cable box to receive updates, often regarding this issue.

  2. General Hospital has had a number of different distributors throughout the show's history, From its beginning until 1968, it was a co-production of ABC-Paramount and Selmur Productions. ABC would later buy the series outright in 1968 and its owner passed from Selmur to American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., ABC's old separate conglomerate. Ownership of the soap was then passed when the original ABC, Inc. merged with Capital Cities Communications in 1985 and it became Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. The show would change hands again when The Walt Disney Company bought Capital Cities/ABC in 1996 and Disney began to program the network and the soap in September 1997 where it remains to this day.

  3. Whats most important to me is thanking Bob for taking his time to do these videos for us or we wouldn't be able to see General Hospital at all so THANK YOU BOB VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with you so let me thank you too Bob

  4. I like how NONE of Michael's siblings were present at the funeral, or any of the Drakes, or Anna. Not very realistic GH.